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Korean war

A hot war between two north and south sides of korea , it was ab ideological war which great powers involved.

history of korean war... korean peninsulla near by japan china and USSR. For the 1000 years before korea were a independent state . 1910- japan occupied tge Kingdom of korea, this occupation were long lasting almost 35 years. This occupation were oppressive regim. They wants change korea\'s culture, languge completely, also use of women in wars as shatterd therefore, todays yet koreans hated japeness . End of WW2.. 1945 End of ww2 , when USA used nuclear weapon on two cities of japan Hiroshima and Nagasakin. On the next day japan were serender in ww2. USA and USSR forces made serender japan in korea as well. USA occupied south side of korea and USSR occupied north as well. At Read More...

Defence day of pakistan

A armed conflict between Pakistan and India.Pakistan defence successfully on 6 ,september 1965.

6 september 1965 Indian army inivate towards pakistan on the side of sahiwal. At that time India was 5 times more bigger army then Pakistan. India wants to capture pakistan and genrate resubcontenent as past. Proudy Indian force thought they easily captured  pakistan but at that time bravery of pakistanis not just arm force civilians as well fought on battel feild and not just defened their territory but also Indian territory as well. After the end russian play a role of mediation and make peace acorde between both countries. The history said , reason of that war... Its a kashmir issue . pakistan and India was a one nation named India/Hindustan , and also a colony of brit Read More...
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