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detailed summary about European union has been given
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advantages and disadvantages of urbanization have been discussed below
                                                          What is urbanization?. Urbanization in simple terms is defined as a movement of people moving from rural areas to urban areas and the process in which the society goes through and accepts the change.  Urbanization is not a simple process as it seems to be because a population with no better means and instable financial stability moves to the areas which are already stable in all means of life. The process of urbanization cannot be fully accepted by the people living in the Read More...
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details related to fiscal policy have been discussed below
                                                            The most important instrument of government in the economy is fiscal or budgetary policy. Fiscal policy refers to taxation, expenditure, and borrowing by the government. Government intervention through fiscal policy is essential in the matter of overcoming recession and inflation and promoting and accelerating economic growth. There are several peculiar characteristics of developing countries that necessitate the adoption of fiscal policy which ensures rapid economic gro Read More...
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how to keep your mind sharp and healthy
few tips and tricks to keep your mind healthy and sharp
Introduction: Our brain is the main organ that regulates the performance of other organs of the body. It is considered as the headquarters of our body and it should be kept healthy and sharp for its better performance. Some amazing tips to keep your mind healthy and sharp are; Eat healthily: avoid excess saturated and trans fat which damages blood vessels by blocking off the arteries. Make sure you add plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. Eat a lot of fish and consume omega 3s fatty acids. Add antioxidants to your diet for optimal brain functioning such as dark chocolate. Some good foods that strengthen mind are avocado, olive oil, onions and etc Read More...
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how to keep your heart healthy
few tips and tricks to keep your heart healthy
Introduction: Your heart works non-stop from the time you are in a mother’s womb until your death. So you should give some importance to your heart too. A healthier heart and a healthier you.  Here are some great tips to keep your heart healthy. these are as follows; Reduce salt consumption: it has been researched that people who reduce the consumption of salt and consume up to just a half teaspoon daily, this reduces the risks of developing coronary heart diseases. Restaurant food, canned foods and processed foods are especially high in salt. Balanced consumption of salt as ensures balanced blood pressure in our body. Eat fibre: add at least 30g of fibre in your Read More...
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the status of women in society
a burning issue of every society has been discussed in detail
                                        THE STATUS OF WOMEN IN A SOCIETY   this topic has been under discussion for years and years whether we talk about the status of women in a rigid society or a liberal society. When we say that women is authorized with high powers and she is the ruler of the house what exactly powers she exercises in the house and in the society. Although she is the maker of the house , she dedicates her entire life in sacrificing for others and carrying the r Read More...
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 TOP 10 NATURAL NOOTROPICS   NOOTROPIC is an umbrella term that covers many chemicals under this. Some of these chemicals are manmade where as some are naturally occurred. These are called smart drugs and cognitive enhancers. These supplements are used to improve cognitive function, particularly boost memory and improve concentration, creativity, motivation and other executive functions of individual bodies. This helps in increasing ability to learn, helps the brain to function under critical conditions such as hypoxia (low oxygen),protects the brain from physical and chemical assaults such as anti- cholinergic drugs and barbiturates.  We have found top 10 natur Read More...
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                 FACTS AND FIGURES OF HERPES   INTRODUCTION:- Herpes simplex virus is a viral disease caused by the herpes simplex virus known as HSV. It can appear on various parts of the body, most commonly on the genitals or mouth area. It is a contagious virus that can be passed from one person to another through direct contact. Children can also be infected by the infected HSV adult. And they can carry this virus throughout their lives. In case of severe infection , this virus can invade the central nervous system damaging the brain (herpes encephalitis). HSV can also spread to the eyes causing a condition called HERPES K Read More...
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use of choline in fitness supplements
reasons why choline is used in fitness supplements and its benefits
      WHY CHOLINE IS USED IN FITNESS SUPPLEMENTS   In today’s world, people are more considerate about physical fitness and well-being and for this reason they perform various exercises and sports to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Our bodies produce various vitamins and nutrients via the food we eat and our daily activities which are sometimes adequate for a group of individual and are inadequate for other individuals at the same time. The possible symptoms of choline deficiency include ; fatigue, muscle aches, memory loss, mood swings and etc.  To fulfill the additional requirements of nutrients,  minerals and vitamins by our body, diet Read More...
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magnesium spray helps in sleeping
why and how magnesium spray helps in sleeping.
WHY MAGNESIUM SPRAY IS SO GOOD FOR SLEEPING Why magnesium?  Deficiency of magnesium is widely common in people all around the world because of lack of sleep, excess alcohol caffeine/sugar/alcohol consumption or excess stress. Our many natural sources of magnesium are also lacking in magnesium content such as our farming soil contains less magnesium due to over farming and uses of pesticides. Magnesium plays a vital part in our lives as our body cells need magnesium in many ways. Magnesium is essential for teeth, bones, joints and muscles health as well as it helps in reducing stress and for optimizing sleeping  patterns. MAGNESIUM OIL BENEFITS:- As discussed earlie Read More...
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