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Being a Pakistani!
This article is all about Pakistan, a country the world has an extremely negative image about.
Pakistan, a country which became Independent after a Million of sacrifices on 14th August 1947. People of Different languages, cultures, and castes live here. Every time a person thinks of the situation of Present Pakistan they think, “Why was it formed? Why did Muhammad Ali Jinnah led a Movement by putting his life into risk? Why he wanted to make an Independent Pakistan? Why he fought with the Indians just to form Pakistan?”The answer is for Us. This country was made in the name of Islam. For the Muslims and to provide them with a proper Independent Home. But today why are we ashamed to call it our home? Why do we get embarrassed taking out Pakistani passports? Wh Read More...
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Disposable plastics: A threat to the environment.
This article includes deeper insight on Single-use plastics and its adverse effects.
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A Crime: Speaking up against the odds
The article consists of the issues the society faces due to fear of speaking up.
We as individuals, from the very beginning are taught to accept whatever comes our way. In fact, the environment we are brought up in includes beings who appreciate the idea of not speaking up against the odds, no matter how unacceptable the point of view on the other side is.  We believe in the idea of following the trend that was set by our Ancestors years ago without questioning the logic behind these stereotypical and prejudice trends. Eventually we become prone to accept than digging into the depths of reality and pointing out the unjust acts which have been followed over a long period of time. As a result generations keep following baseless trends without proper scrut Read More...
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We “The Humanly Monsters”
It includes the reality of the world and its deep understanding.
This world with a massive population of 7.6 billion Humans in it,                yet it gets mind blending when it comes to classify them into humans and monsters. We are all devils under that concealing mask of Angels. Few are a little more of it and others, a little less. But in the end the amount matter least, what that really matters is how we let these devils inside gain control. We break and build us. The power is wholly and solely under our domain and it depends upon us how we turn the tables. We are all waiting for the other monster to be a little less monstrous. Neglecting the fact, how this is Read More...
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Impact of Modern Technology on Human Life
This article is all about whether technology is a blessing or a curse.
“Technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born.” - Alan Kay “Modern technology is more destructive than advantageous” is what half of the world believes and the rest totally opposes this idea. At this point it becomes hard to actually classify day by day increasing technology in to a solution or the cause of arising problems.  The advancement of technology commonly arouses a whole range of assorted emotions in people from different walks of life. Some view it as a blessing, a way to bring the world close together and face all the present day dilemmas. While others, view technology as an evil that is the cause of the downfa Read More...
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Winning method: Study Alone and Effectively
A short article to ace in your exams without worrying the whole year!
A student’s performance in school is wholly determined by the right attitude which has the complete ability to turn the tables. Ones optimistic perspective can shift studying from a burden to a blessing, an opportunity to grow and learn. Years ago, Zig Ziglar declared that, “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude that will determine your altitude.”  Studying effectively is never a one night process. You should begin it from day one in order to have enough time to understand the concepts and practice the material adequately. Every individual on this planet Earth is blessed with unique abilities which differ at many levels with eve Read More...
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