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  • Minimum 500 Words per Page.
  • European, Canadian, American content will be preferred and highly paid.
  • Plagiarism Free Content will be accepted only.
  • System may reject the work on the basis of grammar, quality, rephrasing, re-writing, or any parameter which may technically prove that the work is not original.
  • Billing will be done for the accepted work only, a writer may be given a maximum of 3 chances to re-submit the work if not accepted in 1st try.
  • 20% Commission will be charged by the platform.
  • Once accepted, the content will be property of platform with 100% rights to use, reuse, print, publish, sell or advertised.
  • Final Payments will be released till 10th of each calendar month.
  • Payments will be made only to registered service provider address.
  • A user may hold his/her payment upto 90 days with platform.
  • Minimum Payment threshold will be $100.
  • Platform is not responsible for Tax deduction, every individual writer may be filing for their own tax returns.


  • A writer will be assigned / choosing from a list of topics created by research team.
  • A writer will be able to write in only selected categories which they have chosen during registration.
  • A writer will be given specific time for each article, and will be rated on the basis of performance.
  • Max number of articles per writer will be less than 25 per month in start, and will gradually increase upto 100 depending upon progress and loyalty with platform.
  • Work will be checked within 48 hours of submission.